Blue Jeans: A Safe, Versatile Choice for Today’s Networking Solutions

Blue Jeans: A Safe, Versatile Choice for Today’s Networking Solutions

bluejeans-logo-blue-textWhat do you look for in a networking solution that is both “cutting edge” and reliable? You may be used to using your current network for all of your video conferencing and other networking needs, but there is a relatively new solution, called the Blue Jeans Network, which is worth looking into. Highlighting some of their main features, it allows conferencing for up to 25 people at a time with video, which is a difficult feat for many networks to do, due to the bandwidth issues when more people get on the system.
In addition, there is a mobility issue and portability which allows anyone to join the meeting from any video-enabled device or service. This allows you to add multiple users who are on the go with mobile devices and from various remote locations.

Network Flexibility/Compatibility

One of the greatest things about Blue Jeans is the interconnectivity with the major big name video conferencing system providers, such as Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco Jabber, Lync, and most any mobile device. The seamless integration with multiple platforms and modern technology allows connection using only a mobile app with the iOS or Android platforms.

Sharing Function

The sharing capabilities of the Blue Jeans network allows members to share documents, collaborate on work from remote distances, and to share videos and media from afar off.


The added layer of security present in the Blue Jeans network gives you extra peace of mind regarding IT security issues and the fear of hacking that is a worry for many companies today. You need to feel that you data is secure, and Blue Jeans makes this a top priority so that you won’t have to worry about this when setting up your conferences.

Technical Specifications/Contract Terms

Just what keeps Blue Jeans so secure? For one thing, Blue Jeans requires very specific terms to their contract agreement relating to the protection of intellectual property and privacy rights during the transmission, use, and broadcast of material provided over their network. They also require specific user names and passwords into the administrative side of the system, so there can be no illegal or inadvertent misuse of the network at any time.

With all of the concerns today regarding internet security of customer data and the misuse of communications equipment, these are some of the extra security measures Blue Jeans has taken to protect the rights of customers and others, as outlined in the FTC laws regarding Consumer Safety and Fair Trade.

About Vendor Agnostic

The server used by the Blue Jeans network supports multiple users via a cloud-based multi-user server that allows both audio and video broadcasting, and interaction and collaboration. This makes video conferencing convenient and easy using sophisticated algorithms and technology that is all based “in the cloud.” In short, it means that it doesn’t matter what type of device you or your conference parties use, you can all talk to each other through the Blue Jeans network.

About Video Bridging

One of the best aspects of the Blue Jeans network is the centralized multi-point video bridging system used in the setup. Historically bridging has been an expensive component for companies to contemplate when planning their video conferencing system. But recently it has become more affordable, as there is more of a need for everyone to come together and to add multiple users to the mix. There are several options that video bridging can involve, including centralized vs. de-centralized, voice activated vs. transcoded meetings, full screen vs. continuous, and many more.

Blue Jeans provides all of these options and gives the end user more choice over the method of transmission and hardware they will utilize, considering the specific needs of their business environment.

Software vs. Hardware

Another decision you may need to make is whether to use a standalone hardware solution or a software-drive one. There are advantages to both so it’s important to understand the advantages of both to make an informed decision.

The Goal

The goal for today’s corporate business should be ease of use and setup and a multi-point video bridging system such as the Blue Jeans provides. Their approach is pretty simple: They want you to feel as comfortable with network as when you’re in your favorite pair of blue jeans.

While there are several options to choose from in the way the network is run, M3 Technology Group and has experts who can walk you through planning your cloud video conferencing solution, every step of the way. We’ll be happy to work out the best scenario, given your specific video conferencing needs, and would love to introduce you to Blue Jeans!