Worship facilities are successfully attracting contemporary audiences by implementing the latest in production and presentation technology.

M3 meets the growing demand of audio-visual technology in churches with its House of Worship division. Time, resources and staff are specifically positioned to focus on the unique needs of sanctuaries across the country.

We understand the challenges that accompany technology integration in traditional worship settings, and are experienced in ensuring that value and functionality remain in the forefront with such transitions.

Strategically positioned screens and reinforced audio add to your worship service and help convey a smooth, creative and influential message.

Active experience and familiarity with the latest multimedia trends and equipment more than qualify M3 to design-build your solution. M3 enables you to effectively communicate with your audience through rich audiovisual technology.


Case Stories

Broad Street United Methodist Church

In January 2013, the church commissioned M3 Technology to enhance their traditional and contemporary worship capabilities with video recording, projection and distribution, digital signage, voice reinforcement, and assisted listening systems.