Panasonic LED Laser Projector Advances Featured in M3’s Video Series, Approaching Technology

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Focus: Panasonic LED – Laser Projector Advances

In his latest interview, Phillip ‘HiPhi” Cordell chats with Mike Faletti, Partner Sales Manager at Panasonic about some of the latest technology advances in projection and display technology from the company.

Mike, an industry veteran with over twenty years of projector specialization, gives a rich overview of LED laser hybrid SSL projectors, and the new 6,500 lumen laser projector — an ideal solution for large venues. He also explains “Digital Link,” Panasonic’s HDBaseT system that simplifies connectivity of varied HD source inputs into a single transmitter, and projector connection via a single, tidy CAT5 or CAT6 delivery cable (up to 100M in length). The system is cross compatible with any HDBaseT source, such as Crestron, Extron or AMX. Mike also talks about Panasonic’s new 4K flat panel 98″ displays due out this fall.

This is a great interview with lots of key Panasonic news and technology insights — worth a look for sure!

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